Our Story

After decades of event experience, we know what works. And more importantly, what doesn’t. That’s why we started The Event Depot - a marketplace curated for event professionals by event professionals. 

We are a creative, collaborative community that know the best products to measure, cut, pin, stick, tuck, clean and store - think everything from the strongest stain remover to the safest hanging solution. And we’ve tested it all out in some of the most high-stress environments.

From a range of full-service kits to a la carte items, we have everything you need to plan and produce your next event whether it’s for 10 guests or 10,000.

And remember (turns out mom was right) - better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

Get prepared with The Event Depot.

Event Depot is a proud member of
Live Events Coalition                National LGBT Chamber of Commerce